Current challenges the conference industry faces...

Queuing for a long time for event check-in can be both frustrating for the organizers and guests. Organizers feel pressured to complete check-in on time as guests would rather utilize there time in the actual event.

Without PayTack

For Event Organizers

Time pressure to finish all guest check-ins manually

Require several personnel at the check-in counters for a large-scale event

For Event Guests

Long queuing time before check-in

Risk of identity theft

With PayTack

For Event Organizers

Save time and effort for the check-in process

Need less personnel thanks to self-check-in option

For Event Guests

Shorter queues by face check-in solution

Mitigate risk through comprehensive face identification

Face Check-In at Events and Conferences

Paytack's Facial Recognition check-in solution can help to make the check-in process quicker and more efficient. Instead of searching through the guestlist manually or scanning barcodes via mobile phone, guests can use a self-check-in tablet which only requires the scan of the guests face.