Current challenges the restaurant industry faces...

Many restaurants provide their customers with a meal pre-paid card with special offers. However, the manual membership system with paper/plastic cards can cause hassle during peak hours.

Without PayTack

For Restaurant Owners

Manual work on plastic/paper cards

High operational cost on hardware

Substantial production cost on paper/plastic cards

For Customers

Purchase loyalty card in-store physically

Occupy more wallet space

Risk of losing/forgetting to carry loyalty cards

With PayTack

For Restaurant Owners

Better insights for further data collection through transaction and check-in summary functions

Hassle-free as it only requires one hardware (e.g. a smartphone/tablet)

No costs on card production

For Customers

Purchase loyalty card anywhere 24/7

Declutter wallet space

Monetary-value stored digitally

Paytack offers a secure and simple solution for your restaurant

Your customers can now download our Paytack app for free instead of purchasing the loyalty card. They can register their faces and purchase the meal deals through the app. All you need to do is place a mobile phone or a tablet at the cashier and download Paytack Business app that has face recognition check-in function. At the restaurant, customers can check-in on the tablet by scanning their face and get their food. The number of meals used is recorded on the app and the customer can purchase the meal deals again through the app.